Wednesday, December 9, 2009

SunTiger is now blogging at {{See you there!}


Arawn Graalrd said...

I couldn't answer, at your new site. I don't have an account, at any place listed.

If the tour doesn't cover all 25 blocks, then they must not be covering everything, and leave much to the imagination. I'd have to wonder why a tavern doesn't just set some outdoor tables, underground. The reason probably has to do with why Vampires don't live there anymore. If you use your imagination, you can get the Mayor wondering.

I'm slowly formulating a plan to build myself a straw Chick Wing. I saw some comment, somewhere, that Airplanes were designed Male, as Phallic Symbols requiring upper body strength to drive. I've an idea for a Metapeblian Fan Wing, that would offer good lift to a more Ovoid fuselage, that might be better controlled by a saddle, using lower body strength. It would be better for Parties, and Camping, with vertical take off and landing, to launch from any home. Reeds dipped in Clay, might be woven, dried and burned, to make the fuselage, and I wonder if that could work for an Ultralight. Imagine, an ultralight that you could fly, to party with the poor of Haiti. If you've Cat Tails or Polk Weed, locally, and Clay, you might at least be able to use the material to build a Hollow Hill.

Arawn Graalrd

Anonymous said...


I like thei image.... :)

I have a tag, and an award for you on my blog, so please come and play....

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Following-- and adding to my blogroll-- the new link, Lady SunTiger! Good to "see" ya again!!!

SunTiger said...

Good to see YOU Cygnus! I'll stop by your blog again a little later ... have bread to make. Will be back!


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