Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Spiritual Beliefs {Always Evolving}

I think NOT evolving is what is wrong with traditional religions today (why established faith systems feel so distasteful, stuck or judgmental at times). Once someone says "I believe in THIS doctrine!" It typically means they have stopped looking for other possible alternative explanations. Too often it means the magic of "wondering" disappears.

Instead? I tend to say (loosely): "My experience and observations make me think that this is what is happening but I'm constantly learning and experiencing new phenomena; expanding what I believed before."

Thus I can honestly say: My spiritual path is always evolving.

One simple example concerns observable ghostly phenomena: there could be a different explanation besides the idea that someone died & chose to stick around - which my experience suggests is sometimes the case. I realize many other possibilities could also create such "messages" or "images" from beyond. For example: a "departed" person might emit an energetic message from afar which APPEARS to us in ghostly-energy form. There are many more possibilities than even that . . . and I'm always learning new ways to look at the paranormal.

Why would I want to put all that excitement and wonder of what is presently unknown into a box and say: "this is how it is!" as though the world full of mystery could possibly be contained in a simple belief system.
P.S. The above photo was taken in the nearby woods (Washington state) where I felt a very strong Faerie presence. {Click on the photo to enlarge: examine the myst more closely}

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