Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One of Those Hot, Steaming-Mad Mornings

Face it. Crappy events happen. My story? Try having two months of YOUR paychecks completely disappear into oblivion. [Reference is to paychecks I earned in June and August 2007.]

I kept trying to collect that pay - the virtual office said PayPal had it and PayPal kept saying the virtual office had it. Finally, I learned this morning it was PAID TO SOMEONE ELSE! It's been a total mind bending go-cross-eyed two-years experience trying to collect what my psychic clients PAID {only to learn another psychic took off with my dough!} The virtual office had sent the money to the WRONG PayPal email address.


IN OTHER NEWS: Doug and I went to Mt. Hood, Oregon, on business this past weekend and I cannot post photos (of how oober-gorgeous I look with my pink hair) because we've lost the dad-burned camera.

MEANWHILE IN OREGON: I read this highly entertaining "dark" novel: The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers. While I paid full price, it's available"used" on Amazon for a mere $1.83.

The main character, Lizzie Brown hurls star-shaped weapons at female demons (better known as succubi; evil-skum that lure men with false superficial sexuality which is only temporary). When the dude begins to trip all over himself to get at the woman of his dreams the "attractive" succubus sucks-the-life-force out of him. Meanwhile, when the main character kills any succubus, the rest of the demon world reacts with more anger than I did when I learned my paycheck got paid to SOMEONE ELSE.

So all hell gets cut loose in the book and demons begin showing up in huge numbers. What would you do in that scenario? Run?

Not Lizzie! She rides a Harley (okay, so I totally coughed when she did it in a mini skirt and high heels but the rest of the story was worthwhile).

I enjoyed reading how her grandma's coven of motorcycle-riding witches [who are always watching Lizzie's back] improvised spell ingredients to keep their luggage light. For example, instead of carrying fresh packages of mint around in their saddle bags, as when they needed to channel Bloody Mary, they strung mint-flavored dental floss around the bathroom mirror instead.

This book employs a lot of stereotypes for witches and it only touches on a very little bit of mythology. It's certainly not meant to be an instructional guide for Pagans. It's merely meant to be read in a fun an entertained mindset. I certainly enjoyed it.

At least . . . it was a very nice break from all the botany manuals I have been reading. I had no idea this was a sequel (to The Accidental Demon Slayer). I haven't read the first book and this one stands alone on its own merit. I particularly loved the humor in the beginning. Once I felt hooked, author Angie Fox engrossed me with solving the mysteries ahead.


becomingkate said...

I hope you get the money back!

SunTiger said...

Well, I earned it so, by law . . . {sighs}

Arawn Graalrd said...

Yeah, if they sent your check to the wrong address, a trip to small claims court could cost them the price of an attourney, unless it's in their jurisdiction.

I was just reading some kid's description of The World Tree, and it occured to me, if Church and Circle are akin to the Latin Quercus, meaning Oak, then Druids wouldn't have worshipped Oaks, any more than the Christians worship Crosses, which some do, but the Oak has roots in the Earth, and Branches in Heaven, and would be a model for the various churches of trads, and so help the Multitude to connect to the Church That Is The World. Where Solomon recommended that "Two can go farther than One, for if One should stumble, the other can help him up, but the Cord of Three Strands is not easily cut," then this would have been the seed of a Quercule, which would grow, as the ring of a tree, as it extended Roots into the Earth, and Branches into Heaven. So, I'm still trying to figure out, how to make Money, by stirring The Holy Grail.

All our modern Bank Notes descend from The Templars, and ultimately, The Holy Grail, so the practice should create Real Money, rather than counterfeiting it, as the Governments do.

A young matron in England is bothered by those who'd degrade the Poor, so I was kicking over an idea, for Rant and Robe Music.


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

I hear-- and am in the same boat with-- ya, Tigress, on the financial egregiousness of e-banking... ** sigh***

Best of luck in retrieval, Lady Tiger...

SunTiger said...

Arawn ~ Those who degrade the poor are akin to those who torture animals. [Despicable.]

Cygnus MacLlyr ~ I've been extremely patient with payment. I WILL get my money now . . . now that I've allowed two years to pass with the constant deferring. Enough is enough. Time to get the claws out.


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