Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mistaking Ghosts For Faeries

My father-in-law is very sick. Last Thursday he ended up in the hospital for a hematoma (brain hemorrhage). The surgeons drilled a hole in his skull to drain some blood through a tube they left dangling from his head all the way down to his abdomen like some sort of holiday decoration with a plastic purse for collecting blood at the end. The next day after putting in the tube, however, the surgeon decided Mac needed to go back into surgery where he could use a bigger saw, since Mac reportedly had a cranial blood clot (and they needed to remove it). Then, today (a couple of days after his SECOND surgery) Mac suffered a stroke.

Long story short -- Doug and I have been spending a great deal of time at Tacoma General Hospital lately and we've felt pretty distracted, mentally and emotionally out of concern for him. Tonight, at about 6 o'clock, we walked to the hospital's "J" wing to take the elevator up to the sixth floor; waiting area. An unfamiliar man was standing outside the elevators nearby and he stepped through an open entrance but the doors closed before we could get there. Neither Doug nor I wanted to push the "up" button right away because we didn't want to interfere with that man's ascent. So we waited about three seconds before pushing the elevator button.

The exact SAME elevator door opened. Doug felt bad about it; as though we had not waited long enough to push the button. Yet when we stepped inside that elevator no man was there.

It really freaked Doug out. He kept looking around the elevator for an escape door or hatch. Since there was no rear door, Doug could not believe he saw a man walk in the elevator and watched the doors close. He kept asking me: "You saw him too. Right?"

I had seen the man -- but I assumed, after he disappeared, that he was a Faerie. After all, I'm regularly seeing strange phenomena. You can imagine my amusement with the way Doug seemed to marvel so much over what seems pretty ordinary phenomena for me.

What's interesting to me, is a few hours later, Doug was still disputing what I said about the man. "I don't think he was a Faerie. I think he was a ghost!"

I thought about it -- and have to admit my husband is right. I don't know why I assumed the spirit was from the Faerie realm except I've usually seen such spirits in my garden and such. In the past when I've seen ghosts they were semi-transparent and this man looked completely solid -- like a living person.

Long story short . . . I feel blessed to have seen him and I feel even more pleased that my spouse was finally able to see something paranormal happen while in my presence. The "ghost" had a stocky build. I didn't pay too much attention to how he looked, dressed in brown, because my thoughts were on Mac and his health situation . . . yet Doug's description of him and mine definitely matched.


Fijufic said...

I am sorry about Moe. This is horrible.

My worst fear is a stroke followed by drowning or burning to death.

I see the ghosts and assume everyone else can. Normally, I keep my mouth shut about it. My family knows and so do you and that is about it.

I am normally not afraid because they are rarely scary. Some do claim territory however and I respect their boundaries.

Most of us had this ability to see these things as children. I just never lost my ability. I describe it as being able to pick up AM radio. You can tune in or not...


Hibiscus Moon said...

I am sorry about Mac. I hope that whatever is best for him is what comes to pass.

That's good that your hub was able to experience the ghost along with you. Must feel good that you have his eye witness account now.

Arawn Graalrd said...

Massage might not hurt, if the focus is on your hands, rather than on the body. I was tried Touch Assist on a crippled hand, which it should have helped, but it's benefit was against the migraine, which it's not supposed to help. If you can get his attention, and his ability to look about, I can send another medicine.

In addition to Monty Python and the Holy Grail, you might also like to review Wide Awake by M. Knight Shyamalan.

I'm planning on building a Lyre kind of harp, to create a leadership in rotation excersize. Triangular, like the Krar.

The Eritreans claim the Begana is the kind of Lyre played by King David, but they recognize the same style in the Lyres of Ur, which are about sixteen centuries older. There's some hope, at the Museum of London, that they can ressurect the spirits of the circle that took their instruments to the grave.

It is making the Krar into something holy, that'll get me passage to Burning Man, that I can seed the Evolution of our Tangled Banks.

Arawn Graalrd

SunTiger said...

Fijufic ~ They put him on a feeding tube this morning. I know he will NOT like that (poor guy). Really! Thank you for your concern. I agree with you . . . death by drowning or stroke would SUCK more than just water and saliva. You're just cool, Fijufic, that's why you can see the spirits. :D

Hibiscus Moon ~ You nailed my sentiments right on the head. It DOES feel good to have my spouse witness what I have seen. Yayness.

Arawn ~ I am learning I am deeply impatient with illness. Turns out: not just my own infirmities (e.g., when I've suffered a migraine day after day) but I feel impatient with other people's illnesses as well. It's something I definitely need to work on. I feel strong compassion for Mac . . . and personally feel repulsed by having to sit inside a hospital to offer comfort. How weak am I! {Personally, I seriously hope my children just poison me with a few yew berries should I ever suffer such brain attack. Truly. I don't want to be in a hospital. It makes my skin crawl.}

Eli said...

I'm sorry to hear about Mac, too. I'll keep your family in my thoughts. I also have felt frustrated while staying with a loved one in the hospital for a long time. It was hard. In this case, it was at the end of a life and I think my presence meant much to those around me. I hope that your experience isn't too rough.

Interesting story about seeing the ghost. Very cool that Doug saw him, too. You'll have to share a few of your garden faerie secrets with me some day. Lyndi and I have a garden that I think might be inhabited by more than just frogs.

SunTiger said...

Eli ~ Frogs are a very good sign in regards to the health of your garden. Unfortunately, scientist speculate their rapid decline world-wide is due to all the pollution in our waters, the frog populations are at serious risk of becoming extinct. That being stated: it's much better to allow a few weeds to grow than to use pesticides to get rid of such invasive plants (pesticides will kill your frogs too). You know I'd LOVE to share Faeries stories with you. Thank you for stopping by.

Dolly said...

What an interesting moment to have shared with your hubby!

SunTiger said...

Dolly ~ Glad you see what I felt (interest) :D. Thanks for stopping by!

Breath-e said...

My thoughts are with you and for Mac.

I understand the ghost story and the feeling of amazement after the fact. It is wonderfully amazing.

I am hoping good news for you today.


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