Sunday, May 10, 2009

Why I Love Gardening

The following pictures document some of the most glorious experiences that Earth is presenting from inside my own yard this morning. I took these pictures as soon as I woke up. "Hail to the glorious Sun!"

NOTE: {{Do NOT skip the very last photo: which was NOT taken of anything near my yard. (Only in Bellevue, WA, do they have toilets that give you the option: "Flush with a little water and save the Earth, or perhaps you'd better flush a LOT; and NOT fumigate your friends to death!")}}

Oh my. Who would have expected to find such a precious blond flower such as the likes of this! {Artemis, my pug, who insisted on following me around even while his sister Freya/the dachshund preferred to remain indoors.}
And NOW-w-w-w-w-w (for the photo you have been waiting for) the TWO FLUSH OPTION toilet.


tallntrue56 said...

maybe there should be five speeds when you are not quite sure
like a 5 speed synchromesh transmission

SunTiger said...

You're obviously talking about the toilet flushing options (5 speed transmission). That makes me wonder if Bellevue will design a flush, rinse and wipe system (one that sorta functions like the windshield washer-squirting the window, then a rubber wiper jumping into action, etc., all before the flush).

HOW did this blog conversation end up in the toilet???

Arawn Graalrd said...

Save the Earth for Whom? It's not like our interglacial period is going to last more than fifteen millenia. The only reason for a water shortage, is too much population for the available hydraulic services.

If you really want to save water, plant some rows of Asparagus and Maize, for the convenience of your slit trenches, and save the expense of Plumbers.

If I win the Powerball, I want to buy Patch Adams, and a reclaimable strip mine. I think those places really just need some Igneous Rock, and a crop of Christmas Trees. Patch's Hospital needs more than a half section.

It's not really, whether people have control over Death, but whether they're anxious over their control of Life. Can you massage a decent human being, out of Mrs. Kravitz?

Gardening is an art of some patience; you can't just rewrite the score, and make the orchestra practice again, in the space of a week.

I've been reflecting on Art, as I struggle to mentor Thornton Wilder. Don't use the word Idiot, as a bad thing: Experts stand high above the competant, as the competant stand above the novices, and an Idiot simply has the idea of standing in a field; Great Art touches and nurtures that tiny spark, which doesn't yet rise to Idiocy.

Arawn Graalrd

Breath-e said...

To expand on Arawn's comment...nice orchestrating, SunTiger. I enjoy all your gardening photos...all year. This one is "prolific".


Panademona said...

we've had to two flush option toilet for a few years. it seems to work well even on the low water setting but the buttons on ours are closer together and sometimes i hit the wrong one by mistake!

SunTiger said...

Arawn ~ Is our message: "Go ahead and f@&# it up then? Destroy the Earth so your children/grandchildren have NOTHING to inherit?" {I think not.} Meanwhile, you're right about gardening being a big effort -- one with rich rewards.

Breath-e ~ Thank you!

Panademona ~ Seriously??? {Here I thought this was such a marvel.}

Panademona said...

well they are just coming to north america. the japanese have had them for awhile.

SunTiger said...



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