Sunday, May 24, 2009

Washington State Faeries

The following is actually a re-posting (originally published on Monday, January 5, 2009). I met a fascinating acquaintance for coffee the other night and we were talking about woodland Faeries . . . thus my inspiration for sharing this wondrous experience once again).

I went hiking with my son Gregory, his wife Skye and my spouse Doug yesterday morning. Where we went – I cannot say, exactly (for reasons of honoring the Fey). The energy exhibited in the following photos will explain more – but basically, I “got” that I should never disclose this location as it definitely felt like sacred ground; the kind that should be protected (and I was talking to Woodland Spirits there – beings who did NOT want their location disturbed by the curious masses).

When we first entered this area of the woods, the following (pictured) hollowed-out log seemed to call out to me. Yet as I neared it, reverently, I heard: "Do not enter."

Notice the puffy (very delicate) haze? At times, this was very dense -- visible with the naked eye. At other times, it was only visible through the camera lens.

I felt so drawn to this hollowed-out stump, I asked permission to stand at its center: "May I step inside, now that I've honored your request to stop?"

I heard "Yes." So I stepped inside the hollowed-out log and instantly saw (with the naked eye) a very dense white puffy cloud rise from knee-level, to grow larger and then dissipate up into the ether. In my excitement, I called my son over and he began to take these pictures. This cloudy image that you see, above, is much lighter and more airy than what I saw with the naked eye.

Just the night before, I had used a newer version of the Ouija Board called the “Enchanted Spellboard” (the board is just a lovely piece of artwork that I highly recommend to anyone whose into divination/using Ouija). During that time, Skye and I were asked to do the Faeries a favor. I agreed . . . and the next day: this is how they honored the four of us (confirming our Spirit Board messages) in the woods.

Can you see the misty-Faerie figure pictured to the right?

The following dense "haze" was NOT visible by the naked eye. While Gregory was taking photos and scanning the area with his camera lens, he suddenly gasped: "OH MY GAWD!" and then snapped the next photo.

In addition to puffy clouds, after we stepped outside this sacred area, I literally saw a watery-like dimensional change serving as some sort of barrier into the sacred realm. Skye saw a too-tall-to be human figure, dressed in a plaid shirt, who seemed to disappear (when we investigated the tree where he stood, we estimated his height to be over 7 feet tall). Truly this was a blessed hike!


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

I Got CHILLS-- goose (SWAN?) pimples-- whatever-- reading this and looking @ the photos...

Very sweet, Lady Tigress... and you were very honored...

Glad you kept the locale under wraps.
magic remains...


Hibiscus Moon said...

Oooooo, very interesting. Thanks for sharing these photos. Truly magical.

SunTiger said...

Cygnus MacLlyr ~ I'm glad I posted it for a second time then Cygnus! {Glad it moved you as the experience certainly impressed me.}

Hibiscus Moon ~ Yay. (Glad you liked them).

becomingkate said...


Fijufic said...

Amazing. I hope the summer is treating you well.


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