Monday, May 18, 2009

Growth In All Aspects Of Life: Says Robin

Today was the first time I have seen a Robin all year. This particular red-breasted bird seemed to be staring at me so I went to collect my camera (to photograph him) and felt surprised when he was still there by the time I came back.

If you follow one of the links I provided, below, you can read about the Robin and its affiliation with the Christ story . . . mythology says the Robin got its red breast by trying to peck the thorns off the crucifixion crown. In its heroic effort, to assist Christ, the bird harmed itself (hence the bloody-red breast that we see today).

Note: My very cheap digital camera takes pictures VERY slowly. After each shot there's a 10 second delay. This Robin was in my yard for quite a long while, watching me through the window; sometimes staring intently as though he had a message that was intended specifically for me. From a shamanic point of view, when Robin appears it means: "new growth in all areas of your life" and "Rebirth and renewal require changes in all areas of life that have become stagnant and outdated."

Learning how to release my attachments to the old economy (which seemed to flourish; just a couple of years ago) and to other related conveniences is an experience that I realize MANY people world-wide now share in common with me.

With intent, I am embracing the new way of being. I am focusing on doing everything with passion (moving forward by following what's in my heart instead of merely what's easy or convenient).


Breath-e said...

I love the Robin and the Frog photos. They appear to be good friends...


SunTiger said...

I collect frogs (obviously).
The robin's behavior seemed so unusal (the way he KEPT staring at me, even after I left the room and returned with the camera . . . ). What a powerful little bird.

Breath-e said...

You collect more than frogs...frogs and fairies and rocks. My roomate is a little distressed by all the rocks I bring home from my adventures these days. I told her I'm merely grounding myself right now. I can appreciate your rocks (and faries and frogs) ;D

SunTiger said...

Oh too fun (about your affinity to rocks/stones). Most of the rocks you see pictured from my yard actually came from the Earth on our property. I just keep digging them up (very rocky soil here) I do collect stones from riverbeds and ocean sites as well . . . always honoring the Earth by picking up trash to say "thanks" for the gifts you lend to me. (Otherwise I haul water for a thirsty native young plant in the dry summer months).

It feels so rich and full to give back to Earth when borrowing from her Bounty for sustenance/emotional and otherwise.

Fijufic said...

The Robin is in its nesting season. It is possible you have a nest very close...



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