Thursday, March 5, 2009

Selling On eBay {Yay and Hurray!}

New things I'm posting on eBay are numerous. Here's a couple of images just for your entertainment. I'm having a lot of fun coming up with creative backgrounds for the photos but it takes a lot of time and writing the descriptions takes even longer. [Good thing I like doing this kind of stuff.] Click on an image to see it in auction status.

I haven't had time to read blogs much lately (will try to get to that tonight because I'm missing knowing what's going on w/everybody).

It snowed here in the greater Seattle area today . . . while the last few days felt like such warm pre-summer weather. I'm really liking all this change because it gives me a reason to go change my clothes numerous times during the day. Meanwhile, I'm pretty certain the budding trees and flowers aren't digging this "faked you out" weather so terribly much.

In other news:

Fire Eagle has begun posting to CyberCoven. I really appreciate her input . . . gives the blog site more variety and she writes fun things to think about (besides, team work is necessary when operating a coven). Too much happiness!

Can anyone tell me what group uses the following pentacle symbol? It's on a plate I own -- seems the words in the middle spell out FATAL.


Arawn Graalrd said...

Kashew said...

You have the COOLEST stuff!! I think someone just used the buy it now option.....:) Wish that option was on the monkey bowl!

SunTiger said...

Arawn ~ THANK YOU. I think it's weird how the Order of The Eastern Star says they're not a religion but followers must profess belief in some monotheistic dogma. Phllllllbbbbbbt. Maybe I'll just smash the plate! LOL.

Kashew ~ You don't like the auction thingy-majig? I was providing a "buy it now" option but nobody was utilizing it . . . I can always add that option! Hmmmmmm. Always tring to figure out how to work the system best and eBay charges for every little option I add so if nobody's using it . . . I'd prefer not to pay for it.

Arawn Graalrd said...

The Monodeity might be an old interpretation for a Higher Power, as would be required for Muggles Annonymous.

There's nothing inconsistent with a higher power; from the Wu-Wei comes the T'aiChi.

How much is Swedenborg on E-Bay?

If any trad taught perfectly, we'd be finished with'em.

I'm not their boss. If I were their boss, they'd do what I wanted. If they did what their bosses wanted, they'd know me, and then, we could talk about God. Would you like to meet Her some day?

Arawn Graalrd

Faerheart said...

The star you show at the end of this article is the symbol used by the Order of the Eastern Star. According to their website (at "Eastern Star is a social order comprised of persons with spiritual values, but it is not a religion". I believe it was established as an off-shoot of the Masons to allow women, as well as men, to participate in the benefits and camaraderie of a similar organization. The star's correct positioning is with the white point down. I don't know the specific meaning of each symbol and section of the star, but I have always been attracted to it.

SunTiger said...

Arawn ~ I'm so glad you're not my boss then. (I hate having to do what someone else wants purely for the sake of them wanting it). LOL.

Companion Wulf said...

Some cool items, quite endearing in many ways! We've put a few items on e-Bay, but with minimal success. Don't like their rates too much. Haha!

Well, just like you I've been too busy to read blogs, but am finally getting round to doing it. We have a lot of projects going on, including starting on documentaries or docu-dramas (short videos), which we're all very excited about. They'll be put on the Paranormality Reincarnated blog.


SunTiger said...

Wolf send me the URL for your Paranormality Reincarnated blog and I'll definitely link to it from here. AWESOME stuff you are talking about. I cannot wait to see it!

jadedj said...

Just as you, I've been too busy to read my favorite blogs in depth.

Neat stuff here. Wouldn't the "fatal" letters depend on the orientation of the star? That is, it could spell, Atalf, or talfa...equally as exotic.

SunTiger said...

jadedj ~ Truly. You have the best sense of humor. Thank you for the hearty laugh. {High five}.


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