Sunday, March 15, 2009

Putting Spirituality To The Test

Wanna see if "magick" works? I'm putting a USED statue (Bastet-Patron Goddess of Cats) up for auction on eBay. There are TONS of brand NEW Bastet statues on eBay that are NOT selling (don't believe me? Do a word search on "Bastet statue"). Meanwhile -- I'm a firm believer in good juju. I'm putting my faith on the line here. I want to share my success story with you.

Please note: When my "religion" or beliefs don't work -- I change my frame of mind so my experiences MATCH what I smell, taste, hear, see and feel. My faith is not blind. It is not built on intellectual argument regardless of what I experience as "reality" through my many senses.

My auction item will be posted for SEVEN DAYS. Next week this time -- see if there have been any bids on MY altar item. (I love all Goddess symbols but I have purchased a larger version of this same Egyptian Cat Goddess and there's just not enough room in my little rambler-style home to keep two copies of sacred objects).

MEANWHILE: One of the things that inspire me putting this "Bastet" sale on display here, at the blog, regards something I heard on Coast to Coast radio the other day. Ian Punnet (one of the radio hosts there) was talking about that preacher who was shot and killed more than a week ago. Evidently, a lot of Christians are now questioning their faith because, guess what, that "jealous God" they've been beating everybody up about doesn't protect them from flying bullets.

Ian went on and on about why Christians should NOT give up their faith inspite of the obvious evidence that God seems not to care. (Those are his words, not mine).

On a personal level? Experience has taught me that the male Christian God is a serious bigot who cares NOTHING about the plight of women with small children. {I won't go into all of that here -- but trust me -- I've put that chauvenist to the test and he utterly failedl repeatedly.}

People: if you are like Ian Punnit and you have to work hard to CONVINCE yourself that a particular beleif system is worth keeping then it is NOT WORKING FOR YOU!

This idea that "Bastet will sell" (inspite of the odds) is my way of pitting the pantheons against the Christian God. I BELIEVE it will sell inspite of many odds and I'm calling upon Bastet to make it happen.

First of all, most of my eBay items have NOT been selling (I'm still going through the "learning curve" to figure out what sorts of things people really WANT to buy). Secondly, the postage alone costs $7.99. Thirdly, as I just mentioned, there are MANY new versions of this same item available for sale on eBay and so far hardly ANYBODY is making any bids on them.

In fact -- I'll tell you WHAT. If Bastet does NOT make her likeness to sell on eBay -- I'll roll up my meditation pad and take my homage elsewhere. Maybe I'll become a Buddhist or something. LOL. {Experience tells me Bastet will perform.}


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

So you're counting on the "pre-owned"(charged?) energy, or juju, to be the seller of your Bastet versus newer pussies...

I'm all eyes, Tiger gal...

becomingkate said...

Looking forward to seeing if it works! Have a nice Sunday, ST.

SunTiger said...

Cygnus MacLlyr ~ It seems you suggest my discards are so incredibly valuable, buyers would flock to collect them. Why I'm flattered!

BecomingKate ~ I have faith. Just watch. {Isn't this fun?} If every faith would "keep things real" we would not have so much hatred and posturing in the world over religion.

Fijufic said...

Faith is amazing no matter which way you find it...

SunTiger said...

Nothing's amazing about BLIND faith. Eh?


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