Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Full Moon. Feeling Chaotic (So Much To Do)

I have a very timely and fun ghost story to tell about the downtown Kent, WA, post office. Meanwhile, I have finally finished one of my shadow boxes. This one is called "Ancient Mother" (for obvious reasons). It's so difficult to photograph the high quality of this large (13+1/2 inches square by 1+3/4 inches deep) shadow-box. Photographs just do not do it justice. Meanwhile: here it is! (To see close-up images, click on the photo).

I will be selling it on etsy.com . . .

Every day I've been needing to ship one of the items I've sold on either eBay or Amazon.com. So I've been visiting the post office regularly. YESTERDAY, while standing in line to mail my two packages at the Covington station, I kept hearing what sounded like water dripping from the ceiling and landing onto a cardboard box. It was pretty loud and rather strange. I had the sense that the post office was haunted.

Not knowing if anyone else could hear it -- I inquired of the short Caucasian woman standing in front of me. Both she and the woman standing in front of her assured me they DID hear it.

"Where do you suppose the sound is coming from?" I asked. Just then, the tap-tap-tapping STOPPED.

"I dunno." The woman two-ahead of me said.

"Have you noticed, now that we've acknowledged it, the sound has suddenly stopped?" I added.

"I don't know about you, but I'm going to hurry up and get out of here!" the short woman said; as though she felt panicked. Yet that's when the tap-tap-tapping started up again.

I could NOT see any source for the noise, there in the corner of the post office, where all sorts of wrapping paper and card-board boxes line the wall from metal racks -- all for sale.

That was YESTERDAY. By the time I made it up to the counter, I realized I had the crabby female clerk again so I didn't mention the noise to her (she always acts like such a bitch -- I try to avoid her as much as possible). Today, however, when I was mailing my packages the one and only friendly employee at that Covington Post Office greeted me. So I asked HER if she ever heard the tapping noises -- and if so, did she have any idea what made them.

"I have never heard such," she admitted, "But I know for a fact the downtown Kent post office is haunted. I've SEEN two ghosts there myself."

From there -- she elaborated about tall blond woman dressed in 1960's style and another ghost who reportedly "everyone" has seen: a man wearing a brown corduroy suit.

"I wonder what their interest would be with the downtown post office?" I asked the clerk.

"I wondered the same, but then I remembered that location used to be a farm. Yet I wonder what would a guy in a brown suit want with a farm?"

"Maybe he's pursuing the farmer's daughter," I suggested . . . and my favorite mail clerk laughed heartily.

Richest blessings,
~ SunTiger

P.S. As always when reading my blog, click on a photo to see it in its original context.


Fijufic said...

Love the ghost stories. I sense them all the time and normally they make me smile. Most of us could see or sense them when we were children and I never let that ability leave...

I don't have too many that try to scare me...

Nice artwork buddy!!!

SunTiger said...

Thank you Bobby. Also -- I love ghost stories too {obviously}.

Tish said...

Great story!
A few nights ago as I walked into my son's (the one in constant contact with the whole universe) room, it appeared to be full of smoke and hard to see into. Slowly the air cleared and it was bright as day, again. No odors so clearly not smoke. The kid wasn't in there or it would have frightened me!
Have a most marvelous day!

Alianna said...

Nice story!

What about the 1960's lady? Maybe they were lovers and they were supposed to meet at the post office, but something happened, now they wander around there looking for each other?

Companion Wulf said...

Nice artwork!
Regarding the ghost story, perhaps this is a case of "misplacement", or perhaps there is water dripping somewhere (like outside or in a nearby building) and the sound is carrying. Would love to investigate further. LOL

Hibiscus Moon said...

Great story and nice shadow box. Your style is very eclectic and unique. :)

SunTiger said...

Tish ~ ectoplasm can be quite thick. You should have asked Ridge about it (next time).

Alianna ~ I was just joking around when I mentioned the farmer's daughter. Actually? I think there's something to what you said -- as though the two are related (man in suit being the hippy-blonde's father.)

Companion Wulf ~ I considered the outside drip scenario when I first heard it. I thought it was very odd, later, when the mail clerk stated she had NEVER heard it (besides, the outside drip concept did not FEEL right). I believe as the short woman standing in front of me believed: someone or some THING wanted our attention.

Hibiscus Moon ~ Why thank you. I hope the "unique" style will sell. :D

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Um.. Scrabble board is short one tile-- should have seven. Yes, I'm anal-retenitve...

nice blog, by the way!

i come via aeshe via Darkly via... thata way, yonder...

SunTiger said...

Cygnus MacLlyr ~ You want it misspelled "Goddes" or "Godess" instead of "Goddess?" {I don't Savvy about the Scrabble board comment; sorry -- I do hope you'll take time to explain}.

So glad you popped in {Hope you come back.}

~ SunTiger


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