Sunday, March 8, 2009

Faeries, Elves & Brainiacs Welcome

Wise owl, from my front yard, insists that it is snowing again today. "But it's March 8th" I argued (to no avail. He refuses to admit it's supposed to be getting WARMER here in the greater Seattle area.)

"See how the flakes do fall!"

I'm glad to think over the events from the last year and realize that sentiment (of flakes falling) also rings true for jackasses in politics.

I'm working feverishly on art projects again today. They are not coming along as easily as one would hope. In fact I'm wondering if I should give up and just WRITE. Writing, after all, does not make a huge cluster-mess all over the house. Doug was calling our house the "great black

hole" this morning because (as my art projects dry from the top of every book case, open drawer and counter top) he keeps losing his things amidst so much abundance.

My chickens will be glad to stay INSIDE their protective coop today (see image, right). I'm certain of that!

Below is ONE of my many new artistic masterpieces. At this point, I have no idea how much I should charge for such creations. I think I will shop around Etsy and see what other hand-painted items are going for.



becomingkate said...

I really like the sign!
(we call our kitchen table "the black hole")

SunTiger said...

Ha ha. I relate. Thanks for stopping by.

TheLubeFaerie said...

I love your stuff. It was a GORGEOUS weekend here. Hard to believe it was snowing Monday~

Hibiscus Moon said...

The sign is adorable.

How are the chickens doing? Poor cluck-clucks.

Panademona said...

Wow the sign you made is beautiful.

I agree that the sooner it acts like spring around here the better! I can only stand so much winter.

SunTiger said...

TheLubeFaerie ~ You like my stuff because you honor the "energy" of things. I like my yard so much better in August when EVERYTHING is in bloom. Seriously. Right now, all I have to look at are PICTURES. Ha ha.

Hibiscus Moon ~ I'm glad you like it. It was a lot of work and I wasn't sure it would turn out the way I hoped.

Panademona ~ Wow. I am VERY glad you like it! I'm actually trying to feel THANKFUL for the dramatic weather changes day after day. It keeps life interesting.

Fijufic said...

Those owls are pretty stubborn about the weather...

In terms of jackasses in politics I agree. In fact, we have a whole new set of jackasses to enjoy this time.

I would not do well in politics...I can be a jackass myself.


SunTiger said...

Too funny Bobby.

Companion Wulf said...

Winter sure doesn't want to relinquish its grip this year. I think Nature is "confused". Haha! We've had some snow here, but nowhere near as much as you have there. Even when it was blizzardy, it melted within a few days. I think we're scheduled for more snow tonight, although for the next few days it's meant to be sunshining but cold (due to the northeasterly gusts we're getting too). The URL for the website is - Nothing of any real substance there yet, but I'll get there.


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