Friday, February 6, 2009

STOP Hitting On Me (Already)!

I’m really frustrated after searching the “vintage” market on eBay. I mean, if an item says:” microwavable” (as in “vintage muffin pans – microwavable”) How friggin “vintage” can it possibly be???

Microwave oven’s are NOT that old! {{“They aren’t they aren’t they aren’t!”)} . . . least not when I FEEEEEEEEEL young and I remember when they FIRST came out onto the consumer market; first time ever! (In the 1970’s is when my family first owned one!)

Naturally – I went to the doctor’s, this morning, to check on my hormones (as vintage as I obviously happen to be these days). I have honestly seen the interior phone booth that I used to talk on, as a teenager, inside the Auburn Adventist Academy girl's dormitory (or one that looks exactly like it) ON DISPLAY inside the Maple Valley Museum!

“Vintage,” MY ASS!

If you’ve noticed from my recent blog entries, I have NOT been volunteering at the local history museum for quite a long while. Not only did I quit going down there the first moment I realized my high school year book was considered “historical” but Norm (the president, who I instantly connected with) got brain cancer, and I desperately missed him/felt sorry for him and his young family and otherwise hated going to the haunted museum -- then the charming gal I volunteered for: “Laura” the curator quit!

I’ve seriously been focusing all my extra time volunteering in environmental stuff these past few months. In fact, in the morning, (on Saturday) I’ll be doing plant rescue – re-potting native species instead of digging up land where they’re going to bulldoze (which is what I usually do - work out all that middle-aged aggression from behind a shovel).

Are you relating to what I'm saying here? (In more positive news: all my business ventures are looking super happy: even the psychic work is picking up w/good results). Yayness.

Note: In regards to TODAY's cartoon . . . how flattered would a middle-aged woman be if some gay dude suddenly HIT upon her; is if she could be so gorgeous as to make him want to "TURN!" LOL.

{If my step son and/or nephew who are reading this -- both whom are utterly adored as gay -- no offense by the cartoon. Mmmmmkay?}


greeneyes67 said...

Oh yes I can relate to what you are saying completely!! Take "Classic" music for instance! Now they are playing songs from when I Was young and calling them classic. Whatever! And Microwaves, I remember our first microwave. We had to stand back because of all the "radioactive waves" that came off it! lol My Dad swore they caused Cancer.

You're definitely not "vintage".. You're just getting better and wiser. Have a great weekend. Funny Post.

SunTiger said...

Our family thought microwave ovens caused cancer as well (all that x-ray exposure!) :D

Arawn Graalrd said...

I insist that your gay step nephew take offense.

When I was a kid, I saw my first microwave oven, in the year befor Kennedy was shot. I failed to register for the draft only five years after Eartha Kitt brought Lady Bird Johnson to tears, and my whole family bought it, when we pretended to put a man on the Moon. Now that I've entered the second half century, of my current incarnation, I realize it's less than 102½ centuries, since I started Civilization, and that was a quarter millenium prehistoric, so Aging is something to grow used to. Well, I turned 80, in 1929, and I wasn't all that feeble then, either, so Life is what you make of it.

At the Target Store, they have the kinds of turntables that we can play our old favorite records on...

Arawn Graalrd

Fijufic said...

Ahhh That early 80's stuff is old school now or as we say "vintage".

I wish I had my youth along with the small shred of wisdom I have acquired.

Thank you for your kind words on my journal.

I have a family history of cardiac electrical problems and so far it has wacked all of us a bit earlier than usual.

No, I'm not a snob.

At my age I feel like a keeper of the wisdom for some things. We eventually have to pass the torch to others. I'm honored to be part of the process.

Don't you need a passport to go to Washington State?


Love ya,

Vintage and all!!!



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