Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Crocuses Are Blooming

*UPDATE* New Age Journal just now published my "Easy Chakra Rehab" article on-line!

Yesterday Hibiscus Moon tagged me. If you are reading this blog, you are now ALSO tagged. :D

The rules:

  • * You must post a photo of your night stand
  • * Describe the items on it.

I don't really have a night stand (just a space available as part of Doug's and my headboard). On it you can see a pile of books, my mystery box and my tiger-goddess statue that my best friend Faerheart gave to me on my birthday a while back.

The secret box holds my reading glasses, pendulum, etc. My night stand usually looks terribly messy with the books laying open and in disarray. (I straightened them for the photo.)

The soil has warmed just enough for the crocuses to be in full bloom now. I love how I planted them around the base of my Kent, WA, mailbox. It looks and feels inviting to see those delicate yellow blooms poking up through the gravel there.

Thanks to Tish, who helped me reword the eBay description of the Goddess-birthing figure I blogged about last week. The clay-Goddess sold under the title "RARE Pagan Sheila-na-Gig Statue Goddess Births Infant." Thank you Tish! :D

A magazine editor sent back an article I submitted and assigned me a "rewrite." That's so much better than getting a rejection letter. Turns out: while I thought I was being cute writing about the Law of Attraction in pirate terminology (for example: THE PROBLEMS WITH THE LAW OF ATTRACTION APPEAR LIKE BEADY EYES OVER THE EDGE OF A RUBBER-JOLLYBOAT; EYES THAT BELONG TO A GREAT WHITE SHARK!" but the editor said so much "matey" language made her head hurt. {That's what I'll be working on this morning - the rewrite.} Arrrrrrrrrrgh.


becomingkate said...

I'm going to have to tidy my nightstand now! Have a good one ST.

Breath-e said...

I always thought editing was eaisier than writing...I'll have to rethink that.

PS: posting "nightstand" (ugh)

Fijufic said...

I'll post one as soon as I snap a pic of it.

My nightstand is modest. A pendulum in yours? Hopefully you aren't looking for water with it....


SunTiger said...

BecomingKate ~ As did I. LOL.

Breathe-e ~ Ha ha. Smart-Alec! (I'm sure it's an easier job for MOST editors who simply just say "NOPE!"

Fijufic ~ Yayness. Cannot wait to see your photo.

Gypsy said...

Since I have packed away my belongings, I will post what I HAD, although I do not have a night stand, but had a space on the side of my bed. I will be posting this later tonight or tomorrow. Fun stuff!~

SunTiger said...

Gypsy ~ interesting what the night stand (or lack of one) tells about each individual. Hmmmmm? (Cannot to see what you post).

Hibiscus Moon said...

Loved your article. I wish I could have someone reading it to me while I meditate. I printed it out for trying out the pendulume technique. Thank you.

Love your nightstand pic! Wish I could read yoru book titles. ;)

Companion Wulf said...

Nightstand? What's that? Just kidding, we don't have one any more!

Pirate Laws of Attraction. That's an interesting notion actually, but the pirate "cant" can be hard on the brain, especially if you're not used to it.

I'm back to blogging for a bit now, but am also starting the "BlogNet" and networking new projects/new website etc.

Blessings, ~Wulf

SunTiger said...

Hibiscus Moon ~ My book titles change all the time. Right now I'm reading multiple Irish tales regarding the Faeries/Fey. :D

Hey Wulf ~ Glad you stopped by (missed your blog). Welcome back.

jadedj said...

We just got a new king sized bed which leaves me no room for a night stand any longer...just empty, boring air. If I still had a night stand, there would be: a light, a clock radio, several books with the current book I'm reading on top(Conquistador, by B. King).

SunTiger said...

Conquistador sounds like a good read. {LOVE GOOD BOOKS!}

jadedj said...

It is. It's about Cortez and the "conquest" of Mexico.

Gypsy said...

I am posting what was near my nightstand today~

Hibiscus Moon said...

I must tell you thank you for your wonderful article on pendulum chakra cleansing. I tried it and had a wonderful session with my DH! I'll post about it today in my blog and give you the credit. Thank you so much!!

SunTiger said...

Jaded ~ You rock (as always).

Gypsy ~ You really went all out. Thank you for sharing so much fun!

Hibiscus Moon ~ Truly: I feel honored. I'm so glad to share what works for me with others. :D It makes it all worthwhile when someone comes back to share the excitement. {{Thank you.}}


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