Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Twilight Movie: Worth Seeing

I went to see "Twilight" last night with my sister Fire Eagle and felt so happy about the way this movie was filmed in Forks, WA; where my family owns property and we vacation often. It was simply fun to learn how many vampires visit the old ma-&-pa-owned restaurant that I've eaten inside many times on the big screen. :D

Beyond that, I felt this was a a pretty good vampire flick (I'm still basking in the sexiness of this movie, the next day). I realize those who have read the Twilight book series feel disappointed at how the film deviates too much from the original text. Yet for those movie-goers who just want to see really sexy vampires confront not-so well-intentioned invading vampires (giving the residents of Forks Washington a lot of grief) then this movie might go on the "must see" list.

The movie's promoted plot line: "A teenage girl risks everything when she falls in love with a vampire" doesn't really seem to fit the movie as Bella Swan (main character) actually has the opportunity to stay young forever, increase her physical powers and to live forever with the hottest bad-boy ever seen on screen. What's there for her to risk? (aging, disease and dying?). Cough!

Primary Cast

* Kristen Stewart ...as Bella Swan
* Robert Pattinson ... a most charming vampire: "Edward Cullen"
* Billy Burke ... Bella's dad: "Charlie Swan"

If you love vampire movies -- then I hope you go see it!

IN OTHER NEWS: I just signed up on Pagan Space (and it was a whole lot easier, with the technology and organization, than FACEBOOK!) http://www.paganspace.net/profile/SunTiger


becomingkate said...

Emily saw it last night as well. She loved it!

SunTiger said...

So why is this movie getting so many bad reviews? {"Ridiculous!" I say, in a professor Lupin tone.}

Skuld said...

My friend and I are avid Stephenie Meyer readers and have read the Twilight series TWICE. She has seen the movie, I have not. She said it just didn't live up to the book... I think that is why it is getting bad reviews... But I have not seen it. I want to... Maybe this weekend! :)

Tish said...

I enjoyed this movie, although there were some clunky moments. I've read the book and thought the movie was better, especially in how the main couple interacted--he was abusive at times in the book, imho.

Happy New Year to all!

Labetine said...

Hi ST, Happy New Year!

Panademona said...

I loved that movie! I saw it opening night and I read all the books before I saw it too!

SunTiger said...

Skuld ~ Perhaps movie directors who gave their flick a more descriptive name such as "Kinda-sorta-based off of such and such book" would not disappoint the devoted readers so much. LOL.

Tish ~ I thought he seemed a bit abusive in the movie as well. He certainly fit the "abuser" stereotype (e.g., being overly attentive and then trying to control where she went/stalking her/keeping her from talking to other boys, etc.)

Labetine ~ Hello luv! How are you! I've missed reading your blog since JS crashed!

Pandemona ~ Yay! So you don't agree with all the bad reviews either. {I'm inspired to go read Stephenie Meyer's books now!}

BonnieBehave said...

I'm a Twilight fan ... I adore the books. Movies never live up to the books (I accept this, many do not), but I still loved the movie. As far as I'm concerned, it was done better than most movie adaptations. At least it kept to basic story line and hit many of the details. :)


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