Friday, December 5, 2008

Pigeons Who Study Where To Poop

While I could paint my own fingernails, I just went and had mine done in flashy and sparkly red polish. Unlike the pigeone pictured to the left, I don't want to be an expert on EVERYTHING. I love paying others to wait upon me and when they're nice I enjoy leaving a big tip.

According to my Moon Sign Book, December 12th will be a good day to “Consider Unusual Ideas.” So here's a big tip for you, DEAR READER! :D

In light of the economy (or what newspapers and the television media want us to THINK is going on negatively in the world) I’m pondering some unusual, different and just plain peculiar business Ideas.

Beyond my own plans to reinstate my massage license (to offer chair massage at business events) along with psychic work, freelance writing, teaching metaphysical classes and clearing homes of ghosts and negative energy . . . I was thinking about how someone else might want to start an utterly new business that's never been thought of before and I came up with a few ideas:

* Trimming the nails of domestic birds (In addition to paying people to make my nails pretty, I'd pay someone to trim my canary Bandit’s claws)
* Provide feng shui advice on prison designs (to improve inmate behavior)
* Start a “play with the housecat” and “catnip cookies” business (in lieu of all the successful dog walking services – why is nobody tailoring to the feline stereotype these days?)

Got any ideas for new business strategies of your own? (Share ‘em.) I think the lady who launched that chair massage business at airports was pretty genius.

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Marcheline said...

High schools that actually teach children the skills they need to get a job when they graduate.

You know, in case Mummy and Daddy don't have the bucks to send them to college.


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